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The wide-ranging capabilities of AuditGenius



AuditGenius integrates with a lender’s business strategy, with flexibility for multiple audits and change strategy. AuditGenius can be delivered as a SaaS risk management platform solution, a shared platform or Indecomm can provide and deliver an audit service solution.




Outsource none, part or all of the review process. Indecomm will set up custom workflows that provide you a front row seat to completed and ongoing tasks in real time!




Customized reporting is not always needed due to the depth of AuditGenius’s standard reports. When needed, customized reports are always an option.


Root-Cause Analytics


AuditGenius pin points defects and identifies the root cause for errors. The root cause is tracked by individual and by category. The categories enable lenders to plan corrective action measures and track improvement month over month.




Quality review audits are linked together in the AuditGenius pipeline to manage risk with a holistic view across the mortgage operation.


Robust Reporting


AuditGenius delivers a wide array of standard reports. Dashboards are designed as decision support tools and configured to user roles including executives, managers, supervisors or front line associates. The information can speed decision making by prioritizing the right information and revealing important trends requiring attention.


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