Frequently asked questions.

AuditGenius can be set up for any channel as a SaaS, combined hybrid model or service delivery model. We currently have workflows for Retail, Wholesale, Correspondent and others.
AuditGenius has multiple workflows to address the various types of risk which are delivered with a holistic approach. For example, patterns of similar deficiencies found amongst the same responsible parties in a pre-closing QC audit, a post-closing QC audit, and an early payment default audit can be compared to detect error patterns and root causes
Standard implementation depends on the scope of each audit but generally an Out of the Box solution can be set up in 30 days
AuditGenius has standard out of the box checklists or you can customize to meet your investor overlays and guidelines.

There are several ways to arrange a demo:

  • fill out the form below and send as a message,
  • send an e-mail to our contact marketing@indecommglobal.com
  • call Indecomm at +1-732-404-0081
No, AuditGenius can be set up with as many workflows as desired, with an unlimited number of various audit types and checklists within the same website (URL). No additional log ins are necessary
Yes, AuditGenius reporting is real time, live and available for instant download
All the features you need are standard with our OOB solutions; customizations are always available.